A Wish

It’s a wonderful day of Christmas and I’m sitting with my dairy going through all the events that took place in my life in 2013.This year was more or less the same as my last two years-“very adventurous” with professional as well as personal life taking a 360 degree turn. Last 3 years status reads – 1.  Professional- Sales Team Leader to Assistant Professor to “BIG ?”

2.  Personal- In a Relationship to Single to “whatever”

I think even I should pray to Babaji like Kareena did in Jab We Met “aur koi adventure mat lao ji agle saal. Boring bana do ji agle saal ko”

So in 2014 I wish to discover what the hell is “STABILITY” and why is she being such a heartless bitch? Trying her best to stay away from me as much as possible. So stability, consider my proposal as your lucky chance to prove me that you can stay with an impulsive arien too coz I’m waiting for you or else it might happen that I change my mind ……….again.


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